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Memorial Lecturers

Allan P. Colburn Memorial Lecturers Jack A. Gerster Memorial Lecturers
Robert L. Pigford Memorial Lecturers Kurt Wohl Memorial Lecturers

All seminars begin at 10 a.m. in 102 Colburn Lab unless otherwise specified.

2017 Fall Seminar Series

September 8
view schedule
Chase Beisel
Host: Wilfred Chen
North Carolina State University "The CRISPR Revolution"
September 29
view schedule
Rajamani Gounder
Host: Bingjun Xu
Purdue University "Beyond Single-Site Heterogeneous Catalyst Design: Controlling the Spatial Proximity and Mobility of Active Sites"
October 6
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Robert L. Pigford Memorial Lecture
David Boger
Host: Norm Wagner
The University of Melbourne - Emeritus Laureate Professor "From Boger Fluids to Environmental Rheology"
October 13
view schedule
Theresa Reineke
Hosts: Millie Sullivan and April Kloxin
University of Minnesota "Enabling Functional Biomaterials Through Controlled Polymer Synthesis"

October 20
view schedule

Hal Alper
Host: Maciek Antoniewicz
The University of Texas at Austin "Engineering an Expanded Chemical Palette in Cells"
November 17
view schedule
CCST George C. A. Schuit Lecture
Nenad Markovic
Host: Bingjun Xu
Argonne National Laboratory "The Renaissance of Electrochemistry"
2017 Spring Seminar Series

March 3
view schedule
Elizabeth Topp
B.ChE., University of Delaware, 1979
Hosts: Bramie Lenhoff, Chris Roberts and Kelvin Lee
Purdue University "High Resolution Characterization of Proteins in Amorphous Solids"
March 24
view schedule
Fabio Ribeiro
Host: Bingjun Xu
Purdue University "On the Reaction Mechanism and the Nature of the Active Site for Standard Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx on Cu/SSZ-13 Zeolites"
March 31
view schedule
Katy Kao
Host: Wilfred Chen
Texas A&M University "Harnessing the Adaptive Capacity of Biological Systems for Microbial Strain Development"
April 7
view schedule
Brian Edwards
Ph.D., University of Delaware, 1991
Hosts: Antony Beris
University of Tennessee-Knoxville "Steady Shearing Flow of an Entangled Polymeric Liquid"
April 19
view schedule
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Jack A. Gerster Memorial Lecture
Udit Batra
B.ChE., University of Delaware, 1991
Host: Bramie Lenhoff
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
"Business of Life Science"
April 28
view schedule
Yueh-Lin "Lynn" Loo
Host: Arthi Jayaraman
Princeton University "Small Molecules for Large-Area Applications"
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